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Rocket City Tactical 18 Oct 2019

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Battle of the Subcompacts! The P365 VS. The Springfield Hellcat

In General

The SIG P365 and the Springfield Hellcat are incredibly close in both dimensions and aesthetic. The P365 comes in at an overall length on 5.8" with the Hellcat measuring in at an even 6". They are both even at 1" in overall width, and the weight difference, unloaded, is only .1 ounces. The P365 weighed in at 17.8 ounces and the Hellcat at 17.9. In terms of capacity, both are pretty impressive for their size. You can get an extended 15 round magazine for the P365, and the Hellcat offers an extended 13 round magazine. The average cost of the two firearms is also comparable, both retail just over $500 but I've seen some P365s closer to $475.



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