Cav Trooper 19D
Cav Trooper 19D 18 Jun 2019

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BCM Gunfighter KAG Kinesthetic Angled Grip | Colt LE6945 Mk18 AR Pistol Project

In General

Bravo Company USA , Bravo Company MFG , BCM as they are known by created the KAG or Kinesthetic Angled Grip for firearm platforms. Provided in M-Lok, Keymod, and M1913 rail / Picatinny 1913 Rail Version. This being the FDE The BCM Gunfighter KAG-1913. Produced in 3 colors normally...Black, FDE, and OD Green. KAG provides a C-Clamp grip index, rest for supported firing positions, hand stop, and etc. It uses a Torx T-15 driver to install on the rail. I advise using blue medium loctite when dealing with any attachment that's screwed to a firearm.

Firearm in video: Colt LE6945CQB 10.3" barrel 5.56mm NATO

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