HonestOutlaw 13 May 2020

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Beretta APX Centurion $350 9mm First Shots And Impressions

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SteveC 4 years ago

Moved over to Gunstreamer so I could keep up,with your videos.

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Buellconvert 4 years ago

Ribbed for her pleasure! Great review and really sorry to hear about your YouTube mess! I am a subscriber there and hope it all works out.

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480zip 4 years ago

Good to see you back. Great review on a good value gun.

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JAKE_P 4 years ago

Ribbed...mustache hairs. Cranking up. Oh, and great gun review. Two cheers for the Outlaws!

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 4 years ago

Another great video. Been a sub here on GS since you started posting. Great channel and content, hate to here about screwtube.

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kingkowboys 4 years ago

Glad I found your GunSteamer channel. I saw your announcement on FB. The APX is a gun i've been interested in because it's a Beretta at a decent price. The gun is just average by all accounts i've read or watched.

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RoadKingPiper 4 years ago

Yes! Found you. Set myself up an account here to show my support of what you do. Stay the course. BTW...great first shots vid.

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MDpoloGunChannel 4 years ago

Just subbed. I have the duty-size APX and have been considering the Centurion. My dirty APX also shoots low for me. I hope the YouTube mess gets successfully resolved soon!

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X_Tactical 4 years ago

Bruh, ... you still killin it

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char 4 years ago

Great video! See you back on YT soon.

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David352 4 years ago

Glad to see you here - can’t believe the BS YouTube is giving you.

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skiflyfightdoc 4 years ago

Really love your videos. I support you, Military Arms Channel, and Garand Thumb, I trust your impressions implicitly.

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Durns 4 years ago

Great review @HonestOutlaw. I’ve reached out to YouTube on your behalf. I had a full size APX and was very impressed with its ergos and shootability. Very soft shooter. Great gun. I also put 2k rounds through it without cleaning and didn’t experience a single issue. However, the breakdown was a bit annoying, and the stock sights were subpar at best (big golf ball sized sights) and the aftermarket left a lot to be desired. A great gun. Ultimately, however I traded it in for another Steyr. For the current price point it’s tough to beat in my opinion; reliable, comfortable to shoot, and i really liked the slide and controls. Mine also shot a bit low, as well.

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