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Blue Force Gear | Split Front Chest Rig (TAKE MY MONEY)| SHOTShow 2023

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Josh visits industry soft gear legend Blue Force Gear to learn about their new products including the Split Front Chest Rig. Shoutout to Chris and how much fun we had doing this video.

Thanks for tuning in to all of our SHOT 2023 coverage yall, it has been a wild ride and we really appreciate you. This is our FINAL video for the show for this year and we cannot overstate how much your support and continued viewership really means. Until next time, Stay Safe and Stay Spicy!
P.S. - Shoutout to the guy who walked INTO OUR TRIPOD CAM during this video. You're the real hero.

I'm trying to order this rig while I'm editing this video. This is one of my fanboy companies like Andrew loves Primary Arms. - Taylor

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