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Bolt actions suck! So you want a gas gun?

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Some people love bolt action rifles, others don't care for them. The same can be said for precision self loading rifles, it's one of those things some people like and others hate. So, is the gas gun just as good as the bolt gun, or is it better?

---------- Chapter Marks ----------
0:00 Introduction
1:49 Discussion about the bolt action rifle
3:39 Shooting footage of bolt action rifle (groups)
4:22 The gas gun I've chosen for the video
4:50 Demonstration of groups with gas gun
6:26 Fast shooting group with gas gun
6:52 Bolt action fast shooting at 200 yards
7:05 Gas gun fast shooting at 200 yards
7:14 Head shots with bolt action 100, 150, 200, 250 yards
7:40 Head shots with gas gun 100, 150, 200, 250 yards
8:08 Group review between rifles
10:59 What gun I believe is best

#longrange #boltaction #gasgun

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