TheKalkara131 22 Jul 2022

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Budget Weaponlight Torture Test! Olight PL-Pro

In General

In this weeks video, I decided to torture test the Olight PL-Pro. People on the internet love to trash talk Olight lights, saying they're absolute trash, they stop working after a day of not even using it, etc. If that's true, then this should be a pretty quick test right?

Sig Forum Post:
Lucas Botkins IG post:
Olight Odin Review:
Springfield XD-M with PL-Pro review:

0:00 Will They Stop Working?
2:33 Why Am I Doing This?
8:47 Stage 1: Traxxas Test
12:39 Stage 2: Running It Over
13:22 Stage 3: Drop Testing
16:32 Concrete Wall
19:08 Rock Drop
21:35 Wrap up
Handgun Wounding Factors And Effectiveness:
Music: Cutting It Close
Artist: DJ Freedom
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I am not a professional. Not a medical professional, not a ballistics expert. Take everything said with that grain of salt.

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