Cav Trooper 19D
Cav Trooper 19D 23 Sep 2019

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Bulgarian Circle 10 magazines 30 & 40 round | Bulgarian Independence Day 22 September 1908 111 years

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Bulgarian Circle 10 Waffle magazines in 7.62x39. 30 round Circle 10 AK47 variant magazine and 40 round Circle 10 RPK magazine in waffle polymer pattern. Why they are the gold standard in contemporary magazine, why they are so tough, why they are the military standard for many forces that uses the AK variant in NATO countries such as Bulgaria. Made from Glass filled reinforced polycaproamide. Nylon 6.
Today Sunday 22nd September 2019 (N.S.) or 5 October 1908 (O.S.) we celebrate Bulgarian Independence Day from the Ottoman Empire, no longer a vassal principality. King Ferdinand setting forth in motion the great country that Bulgaria would flourish into...even during communist rule. Finding its way back to its European and Slavic roots. My personal opinion...a great NATO ally!

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