NY_Outcast 12 Jan 2019

C4 Censors Speech on Red Flag Law Chat

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C4 timed me out for having a difference of opinion on the Red Flag Law. Being triggered by your own personal feelings against someone is the reason this law wont work. This is a perfect example from an officer of the law. I was told by a person in another chat that Boomer warned me about cursing. If so, I wasnt aware and cant find it anywhere in the replay. Serge never said anything about my language, and called my comments "non-sense" and said that he was "tired of listening to it"!

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nightstryke 6 months ago

@Rob D. NY Outcast You need to replace the string on that Tin Can, I can't hear you!

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 6 months ago

I didn’t see the chat and won’t watch any gun related anything on YouTube. Honestly I don’t watch anything over about 15 min so I wouldn’t watch It anyway .. I will say this there is nothing worse than those hour and a half chats about whatever, Lol. That said, You have the right to your opinions if they like them or not. However it was his chat so he has the right to time you out or kick you off if so chooses. I think it is petty if you do so because you don’t like someones options. If it was for cussing well maybe that offends him. Foul Language shows nothing but ignorance, believe me I know I cuss like a sailor, oh wait..I was a sailor. Still in these platforms it is not necessary. If I can stop, anyone can. I don’t get to political on my channel because of the same reason about opinions, but if you ask me my opinion on something, I will tell you. You might not like what you hear, but remember you asked. I an a sub of both yours and his Gunstreamer channels and both are great. Hope it works out.

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NY_Outcast 6 months ago

Just so its clear I replied to C4 twice so far on YouTube about the issue, your welcome to check it out. The reason he gave and the timing don't add up. Only proof of the side chat with time stamps and the full chat including TooHotty's deleted text can prove his reasoning to be true. If that's provided to me I will publicly apologize and remove the video. I would also make a new video pointing out the issue that he was misguided and or directed by the side chat and restricted my speech due to others which is still an example of rights being tampered with like the Red Flag law issue. I'm sad to say this is a catch 22 for him that may have been started by people in his side chat. Please keep in mind I didn't start this with TooHotty or C4. I'm just responding to actions that were taken against me. That is what were all about isn't it in the 2A community?

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