GunFreedomRadio 10 Jun 2020

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GunFreedomRadio EP210 Politics vs Public Servants with Anna Paulina Luna

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Our guest today is Anna Paulina Luna. Anna is a United States Air Force veteran. She is a proud Hispanic-American of Mexican descent, and she is a Constitutional Conservative who is pro-God, pro-life, and pro-gun. Anna is running to unseat former Republican turned Democrat Charlie Crist in Florida's Congressional District 13.

1) Stepping into the arena of politics takes the heart and spirit of a warrior, so I think it is fitting that you have a military background. What is the driving force, or was there a tipping point, that made you realize that running for Congress was how you wanted to continue to Serve this nation?

2) You are running for office in FL. We have a nationwide audience, so bring us up to speed on the campaign, who your opponents are, and what the key issues are in your district?

3) One of your platforms is to protect and defend our Second Amendment. Unfortunately, there are politicians RUNNING on the idea of shredding our Founding Documents. What are some of the specific issues that you can positively impact if elected?

4) Too often we are frustrated with the actions of our elected officials and the rally cry goes up to “vote them out”! But, if we were simply PROACTIVE and voted in pro-freedom, pro-2nd amendment candidates in the first place we could avoid a lot of pain. How do we get pro-Constitutional candidates elected to office across the nation?

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