Rob Pincus
Rob Pincus 19 Aug 2021

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Canik METE SFT first impressions

In General

Canik sent me a new METE SFT to check out"¦. But, as a defensive shooting instructor, the best way for me to evaluate a handgun is to see it being shot by a lot of different people at different skill levels and take their thoughts into consideration with my own impressions. I've been bringing the METE SFT around to ranges with me and letting friends and students shoot it to get their feedback.
This video is a collection of some of those "first impressions".

We've been shooting the pistol in its stock configuration, suppressed and with an RDS.

Featured in this video:

Mike Hughes, NLT-SIRT
Clayton Schlosser, Pivotal Defense
Mike Woodland, M-W Tactical
Britt Lentz, NLT-SIRT
Michael Waller, Sr., MJ's Firearms
Ken Scott, Provectus Group
Chris Liles, South Carolina Gun School

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