Sootch00 13 Oct 2019

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Canik TP9 Elite SC Subcompact Pistol Review

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Canik TP9 Elite SC Subcompact Pistol Review. Sights on the TP9SF Elite are actually XS Big Dot Tritium sights. Install video here:
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The video was shot at a professional shooting range in a safe manner. There were no links to websites for sale of the firearm and the gun was not offered for sale. There were no modifications to the firearm.

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RobertM 8 months ago

Yeah well the holster is a slip/slide holster and maybe okay for OWB but not IWB because it has no backing between the pistol and the body. The pistol will dig in and be exposed to sweat if carried IWB. OWB no problem since it will be on the outside further away from the body and more than likely clothing for a barrier. But the holster is a nice touch to be included. They offer more right out of the box and that is a good thing so long as it does not shoot the price up. Nice price with the extras. I had a buddy that loved his Canik for match shooting but I think now he uses a Walther. Thanks for sharing.

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