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Chrisbartocci 03 Apr 2018


In General

Lancer 30rd Magazine https://bit.ly/2DPj9wo
Magpul STR Stock https://bit.ly/2HZcPFi
BCM M-LOK Rail https://bit.ly/2pzE2rj
Geissele 3 Gun Trigger https://bit.ly/2pAnBKx
Sig 223 Rem 77gr OTM https://bit.ly/2pz0MYl
Black Hills 5.56 Nato 77gr https://bit.ly/2FZN5Me
Magpul PMag Gen 3 https://bit.ly/2IOuOiP
LabRadar Doppler Chronograph https://bit.ly/2ueiC7L
Trijicon VCOG Riflescope https://bit.ly/2IOW2WM

Caracal Blog http://smallarmssolutions.com/....home/it-is-finally-h

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Mailing Address: PO Box 90353, Houston, Texas 77290

Armorer's Manual http://amzn.to/2G5FRm2

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Saber86 11 months ago

Nice rifle. Would like to buy one

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Manash 11 months ago

I registered on this site today just to continue to see your very informative videos Chris. Keep up the good work :)

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djsity 12 months ago

I call bullshit on them choosing a QPQ barrel over a cold hammer forged barrel because they "saw no advantages to a cold hammer forged barrel". If this was the case why would they make such a huge capital investment in their UAE factory (the factory built to make military grade rifles) to produce cold hammer forged barrels? They chose QPQ as a cost cutting measure plain and simple.

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jaramilm 12 months ago

Glad to see you on here! Love your vids!

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