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Ghost Tactical 01 Dec 2018

Casino Royale Drill: Ghost Tactical Drill of the Month December 2018

In General

Casino Royale Drill: Ghost Tactical Drill of the Month: December 2018:

This month's Drill of the Month is called Casino Royale. The entire drill has 12 shots taken from 20 feet. Shoot the cards in numerical sequence (1s then 2s then 3s) and shoot the number of shots that correspond to those numbers. Enjoy!

Please visit to download the target.

Ghost Tactical Productions
Credit: Trey Miller

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Krimsingoste 9 months ago

Make Hank wear the Bronie bag! Great videos

   0    0
WheelchairWarrior 9 months ago

Wear the bag to Shot Show!!!♿♿

   0    0
Brandon29 9 months ago

I'm Your real Daddy

   0    0
REDRIDER 9 months ago

Dam I want one of those hats you have Ghost. #MAKEHANKWEARBRONI!!!!!

   0    0
I_edit_my_sub_moa_ak 9 months ago

Something along the line of I take Insults as a sign of love. Best thing I heard all night. On the podcast

   0    0
MiCa 9 months ago

Can you throw in a Brony themed picture of Hank?

   0    0
SouthernPartisan 9 months ago

By the way. Love the American flag brick background.

   0    0
MiCa 9 months ago

Thanks GhostTac, I usually get out to the desert once every three weeks

   0    0
SouthernPartisan 9 months ago

I love training and appreciate the time and effort it takes for you to make videos like this. I will definitely put the info to good use. Thanks brother

   0    0
CalicoJack 9 months ago

Aim small miss small aim big Maggie's Drawers Ghost

   0    0
cr1w 9 months ago

Hank we want the Brony Bag for Shot Show

   0    0
Truett49 9 months ago

I will have to take my sons out and do this drill. Not my daughters though, they are better shots than we are.

   0    0
Brixx 9 months ago

Good stuff!

   0    0
superjustin007 9 months ago

Flopping Garbage on Hank's stream, lots of stuff on training for most people, what about for those of us who use a cane, or have other issues?

   0    0
2ATuxtech 9 months ago

That is an interesting exercise for real life practice. The only thing that would make it better is if Hank's brony replaced the cards on the target. :-)

   0    0
Samsara 9 months ago

Hank Strange has started a new fashion trend...The Brony Bag for concealed carry. Thanks for being on the show tonight.

   0    0
TheJadeGrue 9 months ago

Will have to try it this weekend, Go Hogs!

   0    0
Christian Grest
Christian Grest 9 months ago

That looks like a lot of fun! Will have to try this one.

   0    0
Armament_and_Axes 9 months ago

Make hank wear the Brony bag!

   1    0
Rafael Morales Arias
Rafael Morales Arias 9 months ago

Hi! (This is my comment!) : D I got a printer now, I am going to try this the next time I go to the indoor range.

   0    0
chris bullis
chris bullis 9 months ago

drill of the month will be great,i hope i win,#hank strange wmmf podcast thanks for being on the show.

   1    0
kilowatt 9 months ago

Hear from Hanks show. Name is Rob Avis on youtube

   1    0
Tazzmann6955 9 months ago

Looks like it is something I would like to try with some friends. Great video, here from Hanks live stream

   0    0
MidnightRangeTM 9 months ago

Don’t trust them bronies ghost..........they’ll drag ya into their furry world

   0    0
Special_K 9 months ago

Awesome video!

   0    0
Hank Strange
Hank Strange 9 months ago

Thanks for coming on the show Ghost

   2    0
Alaskan Ballistics
Alaskan Ballistics 9 months ago

Make hank wear the bag!!!!

   0    0
Mike Bryant
Mike Bryant 9 months ago

I'll try to do this next range day! #WMMFPodcast

   1    0
Bill Maynard
Bill Maynard 10 months ago

I will try this drill. I like this kind of drill tha I can share with new shooters and have fun shooting the dril.

   1    0
Ghost Tactical
Ghost Tactical 10 months ago

Awesome!! That's what it's all about

   0    0
CloverTac Productions
CloverTac Productions 10 months ago

i sure need to get out an shoot another one of these, may try to do that this week! i got a couple of little spins i want to put on this though.

   2    0
Ghost Tactical
Ghost Tactical 10 months ago

Looking forward to it bro

   1    0