mannyCA 17 Apr 2018

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Casting Bullets for the Pedersoli Sharps

In General

Due to popular demand we are showing what bullet we use in our percussion 1859 Sharps .54 Cal. This is a Pedersoli mold with the rebated tail which can either be tied to the front of the paper charge or, as we do, use it to load brass "cases".

This 520 grain behemoth is not as intimidating as it may seem in black powder, anyone who can shoot a 12 gauge can handle this caliber.

I'm pretty sure this will work in other .54 caliber percussion Sharps models but you may want to double check with the manufacturer.
This is another subject I feel is sorely neglected online and could use more exposure. I know there are many people who shoot these things and are familiar with them, but we can always introduce more to our sport.

This time we're using roof flashing lead which is dead soft. In the past we have used a combination of 50/50 wheel weights and pure lead and have had excellent results.
What can be said about black powder and soft lead? The staple of muzzleloaders everywhere.

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