LoadsOfBacon 30 Sep 2018

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Casting (open fire), Pan Lubing (bacon grease), Reloading (.44 Magnum), and Range Time - my Tacopoca

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This video is a VR to the Tacopocalypse challenge issued by Full.Lead.Taco. His YouTube channel recently crossed over the 2,000 subscriber mark, and that prompted him to do a giveaway. Taco is one of the nicest and most generous guys you'll ever talk to, and he has some of the best prize options of any giveaway I've ever seen.
Full.Lead.Taco is one of the regular authors at The Reloaders Network. Be sure to check out his posts. He always produces high quality and fun videos, and has a wide assortment of calibers and firearms. His content is both educational and informative, so, be sure to check him out, and also take a look at the other entries for this Tacopocalypse challenge.
This video features bullet casting over an open flame, making bullet lube from bacon grease, pan lubing, reloading, and range time with my .44 Magnum.

Full.Lead.Taco on The Reloaders Network: https://thereloadersnetwork.co....m/authors/full-lead-
Full.Lead.Taco on YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/fullleadtaco
The “TACOPOCALYPSE Giveaway”: https://thereloadersnetwork.co....m/2018/08/10/tacopoc
My VR post: https://thereloadersnetwork.co....m/09/30/casting-open

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