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CCW - Traffic Stop - How to respond

Published on 02 Apr 2018 / In General

If you're pulled over when carrying legally in that state, of course, here are some tips from a police officer.

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rmlowhorn 28 days ago

A traffic stop is a very dangerous interaction , listen and respond accordingly to make a happy ending a Harm's Way interaction is a life-and-death situation that can go south but sheer suspicion

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GunsBeUs 1 month ago

Unless being pulled over for a gun-related violation (e.g. you just shot up your ex'es house), WHY would you even mention you were carrying? If you're in a state that requires notification, turn it over...otherwise STFU!

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nheltzel 2 months ago

Don’t try that shit in the Democratic People’s Republic of New Jersey. They love to make headline examples out of Law abiding citizens

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ChipM 4 months ago

Was at the beach leaving a club one night, was not carrying, was pulled, didn't give any info. She came back with a warning ticket and asked if l was carrying. Of course l responded 'no'... and that was the end of it.. This was in Atlantic beach, NC, notorious for cops pulling you and giving tickets for everything under the sun.. l believe me having a ccw prompted her to just give me a warning.. that and she was digging my beard.. lol..

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phpmer 5 months ago

Looks like many who are here hate rights. So willing to give them up for nothing but trouble in return.

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LonRush 3 months ago

Even a right has a responsibility that comes with.

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