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Colt 1911 22lr Magwell - The Only One Available

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The Colt 1911-22 pistols have many interchangeable parts with standard 45 ACP pistols. However, the magwell is not one of them. The factory 22lr magazine has a wider basepad than your typical 45ACP single stack mag and therefore all after market magwells designed for 1911's will not fit the Colt 1911-22 pistol made by Walther / Umarex. Our magwell is designed specifically for the Colt 1911 22LR pistols so that factory magazines and magazines equipped with NicTaylor00 / Shockbottle basepads and magazine upgrades will fit in the gun.

Our magwell comes with an aluminum main spring housing, main spring housing pin retainer, and main spring cap retainer pin. The magwell and main spring housing are constructed of anodized aluminum and machined to close tolerances for a clean fit. Some fitting may be required.

1. Remove factory main spring housing.

2. Push out roll pin used to retain the factory main spring in the factory main spring housing.

3. Retain the main spring and the main spring cap.

4. Insert the included main spring housing pin, the the main spring and finally the factory main spring housing spring cap into the included light weight aluminum main spring housing.

5. Compress all parts listed in step 4, and while compressed insert the main spring cap retainer pin into the main spring housing.

6. With the hammer down, Insert the assembled main spring housing into the pistol.

7. Insert the factory main spring housing pin into the frame to secure the main spring housing.

8. Verify that the grip safety functions properly with the new main spring housing.

9. Screw into place the magwell with the included 8-32 screw using a 5/64" hex wrench. Tighten at approximately 15 inch-lbs

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