Cav Trooper 19D
Cav Trooper 19D 29 Sep 2019

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Colt pauses AR sales to civilian market | Colt M4 helped get me home from Iraq

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If you hate Colt, I'll save you the time...move on. This is strictly opinionated and why I like Colt AR's not the company necessarily. The suspension of civilian sales brought about the video. The pausing of Colt AR's is something I do not like as a purchaser of their AR's. I want them to still sell to civilians and not happy about the bullsh*t that has been pulled in the past. When they commence sales maybe they'll be better for it outsourcing less parts to keep the money in their pockets. Who knows. I want to be optimistic. This is my opinion. I'm a soldier and I like Colt rifles as that's what I serve with. I might not like what the company does, but you can't hate me for liking to have my service rifles that I know work from first hand account in Iraq.

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Firearms: Colt LE6945CQB
Arsenal SAM7R

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