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American Gun Chic 01 Aug 2016

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Concealed Carry University Training Course Review! American Gun Chic #12

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Concealed Carry University Training Course Review! American Gun Chic is documenting her growth and learning from scratch in the world of firearms. She ordered this extensive video training course to futher familiarize her self with Carrying concealed and firearms in general. That course is taught by Patrick Kilcherman and covers every aspect over 20 hours.

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Patrick Kilcherman covers everything from the warrior mindset to the type of concealed carry pistols used, ballistics of different caliber bullets along with performance differences of full metal jackets and hollow points. He covers drills and gives demonstrations, equipment and accessories. It really is an all inclusive video series. This is American Gun Chic's experience and review of the course.

This is American Gun Chics Review.

Concealed Carry University

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stonewall6 8 months ago

Believe it or not, you might actually get more out of it if you weren't loungin' around in bed @ the time you're watching it. Other than that, great info!

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