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CONCORD Titanium Muzzle Brake | AK 7.62 | First Impression

In General

HANCOCK ARMORY CONCORD Titanium AK 7.62 Muzzle Brake is CNC machined from one-piece Grade 5 titanium bar that results in unmatching lightweight, amazing strength and 100% corrosion resistance. It will NEVER rust!

By combining our signature "smiley face" top port openings and re-engineered chamber geometries, Concord Muzzle Brakes have exceeded everyone's expectations. Concord is a small but yet extremely effective muzzle device results in such a soft feeling in the shoulder that the recoil is virtually non-existent.

1. CNC Machined from Grade 5 Titanium
2. Signature "smiley face" gas port openings give utmost muzzle control and minimize any ground disturbance.
3. Unique chamber geometries resulting in extremely effective recoil reductions
4. Designed for ultimate durability and corrosion resistant
5. Includes one Jam Nut for install
6. Fits 7.62 AK with L14X1 threads

CAUTION: Select the correct thread and caliber for your firearm.

All muzzle brakes come with JAM NUT to ensure the timing is always perfect. If you want to have a few spare parts then extra JAM NUTS are available or wants a thread adapter to share muzzle device between different firearms, check out this amazing accessory.

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