MidnightRangeTM 03 Feb 2020

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Cosaint Arms Custom 1911

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I had the pleasure of talking with Greg Mooney, the owner of Cosaint Arms. At the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show about his beautiful custom polymer gripped 1911's. This small North Carolina based company is using physics to reduce the felt recoil of their pistols intended to be some of the finest CCW guns on the market.

cosaint arms
25 Reeds Way
Flat Rock, NC 28731

[email protected]

(as of now, the website is in test mode, the best way to access it is to use the link in their Instagram bio)

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Squib 4 years ago

I like the business model/ concept, but the one-off custom and price might keep the business from taking off. They may want to market an out-of-the -box average person's price range model to get their name out their and their quality more commonly known. Customers will come back for a second, custom gun or the people who are willing to pay that much for their first gun from Cosaint will do so because the company is more of a household name in the gun community. It is kinda like buying an economy car from Ford as your first car when you are young and it being so dependable that you buy Fords your whole life. When you are in your forties you move up to a Lincoln.

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