Hank Strange
Hank Strange 29 Nov 2018

Could This Be The Best Ruger 10-22 Upgrade?

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Could This Be The Best Ruger 10-22 Upgrade? Today we're working on the Ruger 10/22 with the High Tower Armory HTA 90/22 Conversion Chassis.
*** NOTES: (1) We Forgot The Ruger 10/22 Bolt Buffer. (2) This Rifle Is Technically a SBR Because The Overall Length Is Less Than 26 Inches, If You Don't Want An SBR Use 18 Inch Barrel Instead of The 16 Inch We Used.


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skipitxd40 5 months ago

Very Cool,,, Now How bout a RE-Do with out all the Back Tracking And some Close Up's on How the Trigger Bar fit's in the Chassis & connect's to the Front Trigger.
BTW I found GunStreamer by Accident & i'm Sure Glad I did! I been Subd to Hank on YT for Years Partly cos of the Strange Hair-Do but Mostly cos of the Content.
My channel had a Lot of my Texas Holdem Holster videos along with some Trigger job's, my AK build & More but I took them all down back bout 2016 cos of how the wind was Blowing.
So Now I only have my Drag Bike vids but I plan to start doing GS videos

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GunsofAugust 10 months ago


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