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COVID 19 Information BANNED by YouTube

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Firearms Information geared toward women

I realize this has nothing to do with my normal content, but I thought it important that this info remain accessible to the public. Thanks!
Dr Daniel Erickson lays out the data on Chinese coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and explains COVID is no more lethal than other strains of flu America has dealt with before. April 22, 2020.

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Skibum4106 3 years ago

Thanks for sharing ..

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Scorpiosin 4 years ago

How do I forward this video? YouTube makes that easy to do, but I am a noob on here...

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Skibum4106 3 years ago

Copy and Paste the URL at the top of the web page..

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Anna Erishkigal
Anna Erishkigal 4 years ago

I know people WANT to believe this man, but he is espousing communist propaganda. We need to reopen our country. We need to do so QUICKLY to head off the power-grab that the Democrats and globalists are attempting to enact "universal basic income" (i.e., socialism), "mail in ballots" (i.e., rampant voter fraud), and to seize the means of production (which they are doing with our consolidated factory-farmed food). However, we also need to reopen SAFELY so the infection rate doesn't spike. If we can keep the new infection rate stable, the death rate in the USA is around 2% (not .02% like this fraudster is claiming). Now what's nice about that 2% number is that it's still relatively low ... it's not the bubonic plague or weaponized ebola. But COVID-19 comes with around a 15% hospitalization rate where people are in the hospital for several weeks and end up with long-term health care problems, most commonly permanent lung damage and strain on other organs, such as the heart. That "complication" rate is on top of that 2% death rate. We don't have that with the ordinary flu.

Why would "doctors" make these claims? MOST medical personnel are far-left liberals and Democrats. MOST medical personnel would also like to see the country enact "universal health care" like other socialist countries have. The only thing standing between a socialist state and democracy are "those dump Trump supporters" who are all of a sudden being targeted with this kind of propaganda.

The ONLY way America will fail is if the case-load spikes and they have an excuse to re-institute the lockdowns.

It's the ONLY way we fail....

If we reopen, we can painfully slog our way out of this economic slump. If we reopen, we can figure out which businesses aren't coming back, help our fellow citizens, and return our focus to god, family and community. Wearing a mask won't cause our country to fail. Half of the population (the conservative-patriot half) getting sick because they watched communist propaganda videos such as this and believed is will cause us to FAIL. The ONLY way we fail as a country is if the caseload spikes again because people act recklessly because they think it is "just the flu."

The ONLY way.... we fail ... is if patriots act "too stupid to live."

If I gave you a bag with 100 jelly beans, and told you 2 of them (not .02, but 2) would kill you, and 15 will send you to the hospital for two weeks and leave you with a $50,000 medical bill, would you feed them to your children? Or would you exercise extreme caution?

My law school doctoral thesis is in propaganda and its impact on the law. I traveled to Russia to the Soviet Museum of Socialist Art to analyze the propaganda of the time, as well as extensive research into American, British, French, Australian WWI and WWII propaganda, and Axis WWII German, Italian and Japanese propaganda. We are being played in a way I've never seen before, largely because the enemy knows that conservatives no longer trust the mainstream media or their government, so there are fake "testimonials" going around right now posting b.s. claims such as this and conservatives are sharing it, thinking it is real. It isn't . You are being PLAYED.

Think about it? Fascistbook and Twatter censor conservative websites such as Gunstreamer, but they keep ramming fake testimonials into your page feed? "Your friend liked this" or "your friend shared" or "your friend commented on this post", and then you think the testimonial is a friend of a friend, but really, it's a paid CCP Chinese social media troll using an account that was opened yesterday, and that "friend" post was "boosted" by thousands of "bot" accounts until the social media algorithms picked it up and started pushing it into your page feed. The testimonial either isn't real, or it leads back to one of these socialist advocates who absolutely despise you.

Let's reopen the country? But don't be a communist collaborator, because Corona-Chan doesn't care about your feelings, your civil rights, or your denial. It's a Chinese bioweapon, and they want to take down our country. Don't be a communist stooge.

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