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Patriot InTheDark 04 Jun 2021

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Craft Holsters "“ Leather Vertical ROTO Shoulder Holster & Duel Mag Carrier Pt 2A Review * PITD

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#CraftHolsters "“ Leather Vertical ROTO Shoulder Holster Pt 2A Review & Thoughts * PITD
* Thoughts and Review of the custom leather shoulder holster system Designed to carry a Smith & Wesson 9mm shield plus 2 extended mags. Review any pros and cons for T&E.
Description from their site:
""Construction-wise, this shoulder holster system contains the following - a unique roto-shoulder holster, cross-shoulder harness, double magazine/speedloader pouch, and belt tie-down straps. The most important parts of the system - the main holster body and counterweight pouch - are fully made of the finest Italian leather and the key parts of the shoulder rig are sewn together by high-quality German threads. This shoulder holster rig is designed for vertical carry. However, the roto feature, which is the most interesting part of this shoulder holster system, allows for horizontal draw. When the thumb break strap is released, the holster is tilted, which results in both better (horizontal) drawing cant and much quicker draw. Moreover, the roto part of the holster also functions as another protective layer of leather. The holster offers a perfect, glove-like fit for your handgun, which is a result of wet molding techniques applied in its production. The main holster body is hand molded on the exact replica of your pistol or revolver. This makes the fit of the holster both tight and snug at the same time. The harness is adjustable up to XL size, but you can ask for harness customization if you are of a slightly bigger build. The magazine/speedloader pouch this system comes with serves as a counterweight and is also made of premium materials. The pouch also features retention screws and its height can be adjusted. The belt tie-down strap can be used for improved stability, although this shoulder holster system is well-balanced and stable enough even without it."" Craft Holsters ""We are trying to create a place where responsible gun owners can find perfect fitting holsters for a fair price for their firearms even if it's an uncommon model or if they are looking for an uncommon design. We put a 5-year warranty and monogram embossing on top, to make the whole experience stand out"".
Find this Holster here: smith-wesson-m-p-shield- holsters
Link to Travis T Shoulder Holster Review: Also check out my other #PatriotReview on Patriot's Holsters & Belts:
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I am a proud American, blessed father, a staunch 2A activist and a Marine Corps Veteran that just happens to be 100% blind. This is a look at the Second Amendment, firearms, self Defense, Constitutionally protected rights, Liberty and Freedom from the perspective of a Visually Impaired, Blind American. #PatriotInTheDark
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