Redneck in a hat
Redneck in a hat 12 May 2017

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Creepy footage captured during trail cam test

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Creepy footage captured during trail cam test
In this video we did an Unboxing of the Primos Truth Cam Ultra Blackout trail cam. The camera was setup for about 2 weeks and we got some great video from it. We also got some creepy video that left me a little blown away. We had 2 very creepy objects active the camera and got them on both video.

Hat worn in this video:
Black and grey S&W
Mossy Oak Chevy

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My Video Gear at the time of this video:
iPhone 6s
Vivitar Tripod VPT2457 57-Inch (Black)
Retrak The Original Selfie Stick
Ulanzi iPhone Video Rig
BOSE Quite Comfort 20 headphones
ASUS Transformer Mini
ASUS VivoBook Flip
Mini Max Portable Power Pack

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