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Crossbreed Snapslide & Founder's Series Belt Review

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Crossbreed Snapslide & Founder's Series Crossover Belt Review

I recently had a chance to try out a great holster and belt for my Glock 43X. This is a hybrid leather and kydex outside the waistband (OWB) holster from Crossbreed Holsters, the Snapslide holster and their Founder's Series Crossover Belt. I've been wearing them daily and had a chance to take them out to the range and wanted to put together my initial thoughts on how this holster has performed for me. Also, don't forget to hang out until the end of the video for a coupon code to get 10% off you order from Crossbreed Holsters.

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Crossbreed Holsters

Crossbreed has been a big player in the firearms industry for a number of years now. Started in 2005, they have become known for their hybrid leather and kydex holster designs. This also isn't my first experience with Crossbreed. When I bought my first CCW pistol I bought an inside the waistband (IWB) holster from them at a local gun show.

While I did end up selling that gun, and the holster with it to try out different firearm options, Crossbreed stayed in my mind because of just how comfortable the holster was. So, I was very excited to try another one of their holsters.

The Snapslide

From the Crossbreed website:

"The SnapSlide is an outside of the waistband holster designed to keep your firearm close to your body. This belt slide-style holster has belt slots that measure 1.75 inches; this works best with a 1.5 or 1.25 inch belt. The design is to have your firearm high and tight, just behind the hip on your strong side, and lay flat for concealment under a loose shirt. Available in our Black Cowhide, Founder's Leather and our Natural Tan Horsehide when available. Other options include a Sweat Guard or Sweat Guard with Combat Cut and Designer Series color Kydex. As with all of our hybrid holsters, the SnapSlide comes with a two week try it free guaranty and a lifetime warranty."

Let's take a look at the pros and cons for the Crossbreed Snapslide:


There are a lot of features that make this holster a great buy. First and foremost is just how comfort it is. This is an insanely comfortable holster. With my Sig p365 I have been very happy with the all kydex OWB holster I have, but when I picked up the Glock 43X I knew I wanted to try something new. The design on this holster keeps the gun high up on your hip, which keeps the weight distributed nicely. Sitting or standing I almost forget I'm wearing a holster at all.

The holster can also be order in a few different cuts. It can have a straight cut as in the holster I reviewed. There is also a full sweat guard option. This cut is significantly more leather and is designed to provide protection to you firearm and to your side to prevent chafing from all day wear. There is also a third option, called the combat cut. This cut is a midway between the prior two. The combat cut leaves the grip fully exposed for an easier draw, while covering the slide completely to add to the comfort of the holster. I personally prefer the straight cut, while I can definitely see the benefits of more leather to shield the body from the gun, I'm will to trade a small amount of comfort for not having anything that might interfere with my draw.

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