Cav Trooper 19D
Cav Trooper 19D 01 Sep 2019

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CZ 805 Bren S1 magwell conversion | CZUB 805 Bren Retro Magazine Kit

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Video shows the CZ 805 pattern, HK G36, and Styre AUG magazine well Retro fit kit from CZ-USA. This magwell Kit converts from USGI STANAG magazines to the Czech military 805 pattern magazines. In use by Czech Republic soldiers. The kit includes 1 magwell and 5 transparent 2nd generation 805 magazines without front coupling loops. This video also talks of the benefits of having the modular ability to accept different pattern magazines. No actual disassembly and reassembly is shown even though it's not a difficult conversion, but is discussed.

HHT, Headquarters and Headquarters Troop (Patreon):

Firearm shown: CZ 805 Bren S1 5.56x45
Military counterpart: CZUB 805A2 Bren

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