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Rob Pincus 24 Aug 2021

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Denver Gun Maker's Match Regional Event

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On August 21st & 22nd, Guns For Everyone National put on a regional Gun Maker's Match event at Triple J Armory in Denver, CO.

Saturday's Private Gun Making educational event was sponsored by Firearms Policy Coalition and gave attendees a chance to learn more about both kit building and 3D Printing firearms. Members of the AWCY? 3D Printing Community development team were on hand to speak with people about all aspects of Firearms & Accessory design and printing. Several attendees built their own pistols with Polymer80 kits and then tested them on the live fire range.

Sunday's competition consisted of three stages for handguns. Both printed and kit built handguns were used in the event. Each stage had multiple shooting positions with multiple targets to be engaged. Barricades with shooting ports and no-shoot targets were placed throughout the courses of fire.

Triple J Armory Staff, AWCY? Members handled most of the scoring and RSO Duties, while GFEN and 2AO Leadership ran the events over the weekend.

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