NicTaylor00 11 Sep 2018

Diamond Back FS9 9mm Pistol - REVIEW

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Diamondback FS9 Trigger Job:

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This is a video that is a long time in the making. I was very excited to pick up this Diamonback FS9 due to the external appearance if it and the low price point. It looks to have a low bore axis, nice grip angle, swelled grips, front and rear slide serrations and removable front a rear sights that can be replaced with Glock aftermarket sites of your choice.

However I was severely disappointed. First the pistol had a trigger pull that could only be pulled by Arnold. The trigger was so heavy, it was not even funny. Secondly, my FS9 had such a low point of impact. My pistol shot low about about 6-8 inches at 7 yards. At 20 yards I was lucky to hit the target at all. Third, right out of the box my FS9 would not run a whole mag without light strikes on the primers no matter what ammo I used. I was so disgusted I put the pistol in the safe and forgot about it. Eventually I contacted Diamondback and sent the gun in for the light strikes. They replaced the entire gun and I never found out what the issue was with the light strikes. Since getting this replacement pistol, it fires every time. I wish I could say something better about the trigger and low point of impact. I suspect some Glock adjustable sites could help with the point of impact but since the trigger is so heavy, I will be selling it. Other than that, I really liked the gun.

Music by TeknoAXE, "Cover Blown"

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