76HighboyReloading 30 Apr 2016

Dillon RL550B, 38 Special, 7 Rounds Per Minute Average

In General

So far I have loaded well over 1000 rounds off my Dillon RL550B. It did not take long to get a rhythm developed with this machine and my average rounds per minute is 7. I can see where the Dillon bullet trays would greatly speed the process up.

Rounds per minute is not the same as rounds per hour due to the time needed to sort the primers onto the flip tray and fill the primer magazine/magazines. I fill multiple primer mags for my reloading session so they are ready to go. I can simply grab a full primer mag and load the primers into the primer tube and I am back at the handle fairly quickly. It takes about the same amount of time to load the primer tube as it takes to produce one cartridge.

So far, with over 1000 rounds successfully loaded from my Dillon RL550B, I have not had any missed primers, nor have I had any mechanical malfunctions. I still have not had to call Dillon.

God bless and thanks for watching.


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