76HighboyReloading 05 Nov 2016

Dillon SDB, V7, Laser-Cast 38 Spl. Ruger SP101, ***DON'T RELOAD FOR OTHERS***

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What does Dillon Precision Reloading, Western Powders, Hodgdon Powders, Oregon Trail Laser-Cast, Redding Reloading, Sierra Bullets, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Inline fabrication, PlastiXRevolution, Remington, Winchester, Lee, X-Treme Bullets, Glock, RCBS, Sig, and the rest of the companies in the firearm industry have in common. They will tell you ***DO NOT RELOAD FOR OTHERS***
Think about this: When you began reloading you wanted freedom of enjoying what you do best. Shoot and shoot more. Now, because you just reloaded for someone else and you destroyed their firearm you are being sued and it's going to cost you dearly!!! God bless and be safe. Highboy

Les Olsen 1 hour ago
When I began reloading, I took some of them out and shot them. After several shots, my gun blew up. Trying to find out what happened, I pulled several bullets and weighed the powder. I found that I was using more powder than I was suppose to be loading into 9mm cases. When I looked at my powder feed, I noticed that I was, in fact using too much powder. I have forgot to tighten the bolt that regulates the amount of powder being fed into the case and over several rounds, the bolt was backing out and letting more and more powder into the cases. I spent the next several hours pulling every bullet from my cases and re-weighing the powder and reloading the cases. I have not let that happen again. I weigh every 10 rounds to make sure that i am still feeding the correct amount of powder. I am so thankful that I did not cause someone else to have their gun blow up their hands. I take your advice seriously and recommend all of you listeners to do the same. Thanks, Les

76Highboy Reloading (Highboy Reloading) 3 hours ago
Applause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have just been given the authority to
correct anybody on my channel who encourages my viewers to reload for
others. If anybody gets nasty back with you for warning them and
helping the newbie reloader to stay safe let me know and I will
immediately ban them. I will back you!!! Get a hold of me at
groundzeroreloading@gmail.com. for expediting the ban. Highboy

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