Full Lead Taco
Full Lead Taco 13 Apr 2018

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Dinosaur Ammo? 880 gr. Bullets for the 50 Alaskan Pt2: Loading the Ammo

In General

Making dinosaur ammo? 2nd video in a 3 part video series about making subsonic 880 gr. ammo for my 50 Alaskan Encore. This video shows the loading of the ammo as well as a brief discussion about the firearm that shoots it. Boring, no music, ha ha... Next video I will be shooting these fatties.

Equipment Used:
-NOE-513-850-FN (updated name is NOE-513-888-FN) noebulletmolds.com
-Forster Co-Ax reloading press
-Hornady 50 Alaskan Dies
-Frankford Arsenal reloading trays
-Harbor freight bins
-Trailboss and Unique powders
-Hornady hand primer
-S&B large rifle primers

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