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1985 Toyota 4Runner - Overland Truck Project
04 Dec 2018
1985 Toyota 4Runner - Overland Truck Project
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Do you Even Truck Gun Bro?

In General

Let's talk about it. Do you have a firearm that is dedicated to your Vehicle?

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Lhecker51 2 months ago

Purchased the Micro Roni for my G19 after testing one out that a friend owned:

My criteria:
Stability to improve accurate rate of fire
As compact as possible
Take same Glock mags, to include the short mags that will not fit in an AR model 9mm platform
Effective range out to 50 meters: Must group within a pie plate size

I timed my 5 shot groups with my G19 and then in the Micro Roni. There was improvement with both accuracy and time which was a major concern for me regarding any system that locks a pistol into it would be susceptible to a loss in accuracy. I did not find this a factor.

It folds up and fits in the center console of my Ram 1500, easily fits in any pack. It works for me regarding I already have many Glocks.

Compact: The most compact solution I have found to date.
Flexible modular platform for my already owned G19
Stable for accuracy and speed, but not by much
Cost: Not much of a jump in investment if you already own a Glock 19

Cost: If you must purchase a Glock AND a Micro Roni, you will be north of $800

Stability: Though there is a measurable improvement in accuracy and speed, I ask myself: Should I just stick with my EDC Glock 19 as there is not much more in accuracy or speed?

In summary the decision came down to the fact that it opens up more options for optics and BUIS than there are for a Glock 19 and it is easier for the novice to fire with an acceptable degree of accuracy.

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Maconguns 7 months ago

To me a truck gun is a $300 or less Pistol or shotgun that"s always in the vehicle. Has nothing to do with my EDC. You can build an AR pistol now for about $300 but, not sure I'd leave it in a truck.
Trucks are thief magnets looking for guns.

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LBCSV 8 months ago

No, it’ll get stolen. Vehicles are almost as secure as tents.

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Dahveed96 8 months ago

My truck gun is a psa ar pistol 10.5" in 9mm that takes glock mags. My reason for the gun is that I EDC a g19 and also keep mags strategically placed in my truck so why not have something that takes the same mags and ammo as my EDC but can also be more accurate when I need it.

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Dashow1173 9 months ago

The advantage that should have been noted is that the AK with the unnderfolding stock can be fired but the AR with the folding adapter gets you only one shot if there's a round loaded.

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1985 Toyota 4Runner - Overland Truck Project
04 Dec 2018
1985 Toyota 4Runner - Overland Truck Project
Urban Armed · 17 Views