Gun_Sam 22 May 2021

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Does FMJ Ammo REALLY Over-Penetrate? .45 ACP, 10mm and .44 Special Ballistic Test

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I hear it said a lot that full metal jacket ammunition (FMJ, TMJ, Ball) will over-penetrate the intended target (bad-guy, criminal etc) when a firearm is used in self defense against them. I also know that the FBI and IWBA have set standards that around 18" of ballistics gel is the maximum you want to penetrate to insure your ammo does not over-penetrate. Well what if it does? That's my test today, trying to make bullets go through equivalent to 20" of 10% ballistics gel and then get a chronograph read on the other side, while using .45 ACP, .44 Special and 10mm from duty sized guns. I also have made an "innocent bystander" made of ballistics gel and MDF (bone) to see if FMJ ammo does indeed have enough power after exiting a person, to kill an innocent bystander. Always appreciative of any channel help :)
As promised, the link I mention with 9mm FMJ:

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