John Paladin
John Paladin 27 May 2019

Dr. John Paladin Show #14 Enchanted Rock Part 1

In General

An overview of Enchanted Rock State Natural Area with a bit of it's geology, history and lore. Pics and clips. Part 2 will be an interview with Ira Kennedy, author of "The Enchated Rock".
Coming real soon... Show #15 Kerrville Folk Festival.
and then, yes, on to the Single Action Shooting Society End of Trail Cowboy Action Shooting WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Edgewood, NM starting June 13th - June 23rd. I'll be there from the 19th - 23rd with a press pass so I can get you the "low down" and the "inside" , the winners and the losers. AND... thanks to a generous PATREON supporter, we can remove the Filmora watermark!! So this is the last AUDIO show. Tune in for #15 for "KerrFest" and finally get to see me, your host, friend and neighbor... Dr. John Paladin. (Don't expect much ;-)

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