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Alpha Koncepts 12 Jun 2023

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Dryfire ASMR? Pistol Reloads and Presentation with a Red Dot

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I've often said that a video camera is your best dry-fire tool. As I work with my regular gear, the camera records all that I am doing right, as well as all that I am doing wrong. I can then watch myself and critique myself. And although I often do record myself doing my dry-fire practice, I don't think I've ever shared a video.

I'm not perfect, but I also have nothing to hide. I readily admit that I have room for improvement, but I also steadily work to improve. Yeah, I bobbled a few reloads. Yeah, a couple of my presentations weren't as "on point" as I'd have liked them to be. But, that's why we dry-fire!

In this session, I was specifically working on a few things. First, I was working on my reloads, and second I was working on my presentation. More specifically working on acquiring the red dot upon my extension and presentation of the firearm towards the target. I recently mounted a red dot sight to my carry pistol and the red dot is a slightly different animal to iron sights.

So we dry fire. We dry fire to build that good muscle memory, to build those bonds within our neural pathways, to make our actions seem completely reflexive and unconscious. I'm not there yet, not with my new rig. While I have thousands upon thousands of repetitions with my old carry setup, my new carry setup is still slightly foreign. The magazine release is not quite as proud and therefore the reloads need to be a little more deliberate, for now. The presentation has changed with the red dot so I am working to acquire that dot each and every time I go to extension. I'm getting better at finding the dot, but I need to get faster. Speed will come with practice. If I force the speed, I'll flub up the presentation.

As I said, I have thousands of repetitions with my old carry pistol. I'll be right back where I was with my new carry setup soon enough. Only a few thousand repetitions to go.

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