Cav Trooper 19D
Cav Trooper 19D 11 Jan 2019

Entry level Electronic Hearing Protection, what I look for; Walker's Ultimate Alpha Muff Review

In General

What I've come to look for when purchasing entry level electronic hearing protection. After purchases I have made, I hope this helps you become a better EHP buyer. The most important features for me that may give you something to think about with your purchases. I understand that wired hearing pro is necessary for input jack. Bluetooth is good at getting rid of that though but more expensive.
The video also reviews and uses the Walker's Ultimate Alpha Muff EHP GWP-XAMT with NRR 26 dB. Sound activated compression SAC. This is a great example of what hits on what I look for.
Rogers Sporting Goods on their website has a good sale on these 1st Generations shown in the video. I hope this helps.

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