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Hajimoto Productions 07 Dec 2018

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Evanix Air Speed .22 Semi-Auto Complete review

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This is my Full review for the Evanix Air Speed in .22 caliber. The all-new air actuated Evanix Air Speed, in .22 (5.5mm), a fully air actuated semi-automatic air rifle. These air rifles have a fill pressure of 250 Bar, they have a shrouded barrel, 280cc air reservoir, an overall length of 43.3", and weigh in at 6.6lb, and come with a Synthetic thumbhole stock, and are capable of up to 35fpe out of the box. The new and innovate action does not require batteries or any external input for the semi-automatic action. This is fully air actuated and still retains an impressive shot count.

The Evanix Air Speed is exclusive to Jefferson State Air Rifles. Get yours today at:

To learn more about Evanix Air Rifles visit:

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