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American Gun Chic 09 Jan 2019

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"Everybody Hates Me" (PARODY) Gun Bunny Edition

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Everybody Hates Me the Gun Bunny Edition is a parody off of Tom MacDonald's Everybody Hates Me. Tom's song came out in the midst of AGC getting hated on for her safety products. Instead of copying, pasting, and sharing Tom's video (which is genius btw, link below) to the haters, we decided to make our own version. This is what we came up with. We also highly recommend checking out Tom MacDonald's original as well as his other music as well! The guy is a GENIUS!!! Link Below!

"Everybody Hates Me" by Tom MacDonald

Sound Engineer Arez Cobain!
Thank You for making the music all come together and sound so good!!! You are the Best!!

Thank you to:
Homestead Training Center, Big Coppitt Gun Range, Big John Hickok, Hank Strange and the Who Moved My Freedom Podcast Crew, everyone who has taken the time to help me on the range from James Yeager, Craig Sawyer, Kris Tanto Paronto, Dave Boon Benton, Benny Glosop, the whole Tactical Response crew, Shawnee Tactical and Kevin Dixie of NOC Firearms. Also To the guys who have been big support for my channel, Tim and Jason at the Military Arms Channel, Jason and Big Daddy Hoffman for brainstorming sessions and kick butt range days!! You guys are all the best!!!

Last but not least, to my editor, best friend/partner in life, Joe for endless hours of doing everything it took to get me to this point! I am extremely grateful for all the work you put in. Together, we are making this world a better, safer place! I Love You! Thank you for all you do!!

You guys have all made my last 3 years extremely special. I can't wait to start paying it forward and show you all what's next! I hope to make you all proud!

Go to My PATREON PAGE. For Bonus Footage!!!


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JohnHolliday 5 years ago

Keep on... keeping On!! You do you and the rest that are negative can waste their time and energy focusing on others instead of finding their own happiness... if they don't like what they see... then they need to "keep moving on... nothing to see here"... simple concept for simple minds.

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MrGray 5 years ago

Good job , keep your powder dry

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2aEdu 5 years ago

This is funny. I like a good troll video.

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NY_Outcast 5 years ago

I don't see or hear anything to hate about you girl ,keep up the good fight! We all start somewhere in the gun would and at times make a mistake, admitting it and moving on is what only the strong people can do. Its not your fault you look good doing what you do.

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American Gun Chic
American Gun Chic 5 years ago

Thank you!

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