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Exclusive First Look: B&T's new SPC - Special Purpose Carbine

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B&T sent us two variants of their soon to be released SPC 9mm for evaluation. The SPC, or Special Purpose Carbine, was developed for a European police tender. It's currently going through the ATF approval process. The B&T SPC is a bit of a hybrid 9mm carbine in that it borrows from several designs, including being heavily based on previous B&T designs like the APC9. We showcase the standard full-sized SPC and the super short SPC PDW.

---------- Chapter Markers ----------
0:00 Introduction
2:18 Discussion about the APC9 and why B&T developed it
4:30 Why the SPC came into being and features of the gun
10:45 Shooting the PDW version
11:00 Field strip and discussion about buffering systems
15:44 APC vs SPC and my final thoughts

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