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Experience Of A Lifetime Flights For Veterans Grounded No More

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Tony and the Grounded No More crew have supplied an opportunity like few others. A chance for veterans of all ages and services to fly in a true World War 2 aircraft. This PT-26 aircraft, built by Fairchild is a single engine 2 person aircraft which was used to train fighter pilots for battle. This was a joint Canadian plane that actually was used for training pilots for the big war. Tony purchased this plane and it has been restored and maintained to provide veterans an experience of a lifetime.

Even though this aircraft is old, Amazing Grace is a surprisingly capable plane to fly in . It is no modern jet fighter but it still will pull a few G's and stick your face against the canopy if you push it.

Please consider helping this cause so they can give this experience to many more veterans. Always keep in mind many veterans from previous generations are aging and many do not have family left. This is an opportunity for us to help support and provide happiness for those than secured our freedoms.

Rangers Lead The Way!

Grounded No More https://groundednomoreveteranflightlift.com/

Grounded No more https://www.facebook.com/groups/GroundedNoMore/

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