Dustin Ellermann
Dustin Ellermann 17 Mar 2023

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External Ballistics White Board Session - Episode 7 #sniper101

In General

Continuing our #sniper101 session with KRG and ZCO in association with @NAGRstaff
In this classroom session we cover the basics of external ballistics for long range shooting (sure, you video gamers will call it "sniping"). Learn about zero, bullet data, mils vs MOA, atmospheric conditions, wind calls, holds, and more.

Catch up on the series and discover unlisted content: https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PLYJ4E1vqST7

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This test is for educational purposes and is specifically filmed and produced in accordance with YouTube's community guidelines. Dustin is a certified, licensed, and insured firearms instructor. Everything was filmed on an OFFICIAL GUN RANGE and closed range with all the proper safety precautions. Do not attempt to duplicate anything yourself.

0:00 Class is in session
1:59 I skipped the ad
2:11 Zero
5:10 Bullet Data
7:06 Atmosphere Data
13:33 Truing
16:01 Mils
28:50 Wind
33:11 Holds

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