d33pthought 07 Jan 2020

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f17 free folk measure up trailer

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d33pthought's f17: free folk measure up - revision of FMDA's g17
feedback via keybase (d33pthought) or github
I am now affiliated with http://awcyarms.com
note: I was kicked out of DD due to being in another gun group, so hit me up via my handle

if you like the content my crypto addresses include:

btc: bc1q3k82pgq8p6q4uqjtv5dk0dvrk6pne75udwpyry
bch: bitcoincash:qp4t4h596rv20z6sgnrn6rl0pyvf0tw8tu654tyaez
xmr: 83yPywQvREPZmkYoVnVRkh9L45HG9uLdcDQVVCAXdvQPhCcXjSk6YddUrf3RpW3uaFKqWs77cTsWCdEHJTGyn5834spHcTD

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foreskinned 3 years ago

.stl ??

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d33pthought 3 years ago

updated description with git link to files. also available on keybase via det_disp group/links

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