Faxonfirearms 08 Jan 2015

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Faxon ARAK 21 Trouble Shooting & Disassembly HD

In General

Having an issue with your ARAK? This video can help with some common problems and their resolutions. Have any other issues? Contact us at [email protected] and we will get you squared away! Click "SHOW MORE" to see times and chapters.

0:10 Introduction
0:37 - Variable Gas Settings & Positions
2:25 - Left or Right Hand Ejection Troubleshooting
3:50 - Bolt Cam Orientation
5:08 - Multi-Caliber Considerations
6:07 - Gas Regulator Maintenance
7:05 - Charging Handle Removal and Swap
9:10 - Part 2 - Full Disassembly and Barrel Swap

*Note- The bolt carrier configuration has changed to a cross-pin design.

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