TacFix 15 Mar 2019

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Federal Champion Aluminum 9mm Review

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Going out to the range can get expensive. While I never want cut corners on necessary costs, I am always looking to get the best value for my dollar. I recently started seeing deals on the Federal Champion Aluminum 9mm rounds so I decided to give them a shot.

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 5 years ago

Good info, might give them a try when not shooting on my property. I wouldn’t think the heat would have caused that failed case. If it double stacked then the failed one was not in the chamber long enough for that kind of heat transfer. Perhaps just a bad case. It would be just like shooting polymer coated steel rounds in a hot barrel. I have shot mag after mag in my AK and used to in my ARs and they don’t stick unless you leave one in to long. If during this process you don’t fire them all and leave one chambered (safety on of course) it might stick when fired a few minutes later after the coating and barrel have cooled. Just my two cents.

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