TheKalkara131 15 Jul 2022

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Federal Vs. Speer: 62gr 223 Bonded Soft Point Gel Test

In General

In this weeks video, I try out the Federal Tactical Bonded 62gr soft point round in 10% clear ballistics gel and compare it against the Speer Gold Dot 62gr. The Speer is one of the standards when it comes to self defense loads in 223. Can their bigger sister companies load beat it? Let's find out which is better!

Factory Speer Gold Dot Tests:
Handloaded Speer Gold Dot Test:

0:00 Intro
2:23 Speer Gold Dot
6:35 Federal Tactical Bonded
9:45 Wound Track Close Up
10:19 Recovered Bullets
11:15 Final Thoughts
Handgun Wounding Factors And Effectiveness:
Music: Cutting It Close
Artist: DJ Freedom
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