NicTaylor00 12 Sep 2018

Field Sport AR15 Handguard REVIEW & Install Instructions - VERY EASY

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Ebay Seller: sfsfmarketsf
Item Description: Modular Ultra Slim 10" Clamp-on Quad Rail With Gas Port Aligning-Free Barrel Nut

This free float tube reminds me of the Wilson Combat and Knights Armament free float tubes. Except this rail system is a fraction of the cost! Aside from a couple of the negative points I note in this video review, I found this hand guard to work great for my needs. Additionally I think this rail would be a great modification for the novice AR-15 owner looking to free float their barrel. The reason I say that is that the included barrel but for this rail does not require any alignment for the gas tube. The user just tightens the nut to the required torque and that's it. Did I mention that no special AR15 wrench is needed? That's right, you can use a standard wrench / crescent wrench or channel lock pliers to tighten the nut. In my book that is another plus for the new gunsmith.

At the time of making this video the only place I was able to find this rail was on Ebay. Perhaps the seller will construct a full blown website in the future or sell on other sites such as Amazon.

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PHUoperator556 9 months ago

What would the best step for one who wants to make their own Suppressor. I figure I could start it collecting componets while waiting for stamp. I hear one can use a flash lite "Mag Lite. I could use the serial number from lite. However if the lite body wouldn't hold up overtime. I really don't want to go that way. When I do projects that cost $$$$$. I like to spread it out over a few months. Any suggestions or ideas would be great and much appreciated

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