Shwell11 31 Mar 2018

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In this video I talk about something I work on when other drills arent possible.

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Dashow1173 4 years ago

Nice setup on that firearm

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Cdkr74 4 years ago

I live in the area and would like more information about the big 3 range

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Mr. Untactical
Mr. Untactical 4 years ago

Nice rig (and nice Range Rover, too, by the looks of it). If I ever become tactical, I'll definitely qualify as chubby tactical :-)

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BigEd 4 years ago

Nice exercise. I like the candid style to your videos. Just subscribed.

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Steve 4 years ago

Video won’t play for me.

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Shwell11 4 years ago

Not sure why, it is playing fine for me on multiple computers and my tablet. Weird.

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Love4Guns 4 years ago

It didn't play in Firefox ( not sure why ) , but it played in Chrome.

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Cormanthor 4 years ago

@shwell11: I second that. It won't play on Firefox mobile, but does play on some other mobile browsers. Interesting note, it plays fine on Firefox for the desktop.

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