ApexTactical 07 Jan 2019

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First Look: FN's New FN 509 Midsize

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FN America has announced their newest pistol and we got an early look at it. The FN 509 Midsize is an ideal choice for those looking for an everyday carry pistol. And best of all...it's compatible with the Apex Action Enhancement Kit for the FN 509. Check out Apex's COO and co-owner Scott Folk as he walks you through some of the features of this new pistol.

Apex FN 509 Triggers –> http://bit.ly/ApexThatFN509

Apex FN Disassembly Fixture –> http://bit.ly/FN509Fixture

Apex FN Install Assistance –> http://bit.ly/FNInstallAssistance

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JBurgess 4 years ago

I purchased a 509 and it's making its way to my EDC. I liked it so much I purchased the FNX TAC .45. Now that's a tac pack right out of the box

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