Busta Cap
Busta Cap 12 Jan 2019

First Rounds From AK63D

In General

I've had this handgun awhile (8-9 months) but didn't take it to the range until last night. I spent an hour zeroing the sights (had issues at first).

Initial thoughts: 1) the trigger is NICE. 2) No issues with the Tapco mags. 3) no issues with malfunctions.

This firearm is good enough for me. I don't require a WASR or Arsenal. All I need is something that won't explode on me (not an I.O. or RAS or C39). This gun is several steps above those rifles and there's been no report whatsoever of any (safety or otherwise) issues with them. WASRs can have their own issues (crooked front sites is an example), plus they're quite a bit more expensive than my AMD63.

I'm happy with what I have. I'm not an AK purist. I will not be shooting out the barrel anytime soon.

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